Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

DIY T-Shirt

Hello :)
Today I was ill and because of this I stayed at home. After I studied for my math test tomorrow I felt like doing something creative. And because I had a white T-Shirt that is not in use I thought "Why not writing something on it?". Now it was time to search a quote that I want to have on the T-Shirt.
The cool thing is that you can transform a "boring" white T-Shirt into something cool and personal. Without further ado I want to start with the description and the pictures :)

You need:
  • a white shirt that, of course, fits you
  • paper or a template 
  • a water-resistant(!) felt-tip pen or even a T-Shirt marker
Step 1:
 I printed the picture with the quote I chose out but it was to small for my T-Shirt so I printed it out again. Now it was Din-A3 size.

Step 2:
I taped my template on a smooth surface and layed the Shirt over it. Then I started to redraw the lines that shimmered through the shirt.

Final Result:
I think it came out quite good and I`m so happy that I made it!

x C.

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  1. Das ist richtig hammer geworden! :)
    Danke für deine Tipps, so in die Richtung habe ich mir auch was überlegt :)