Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Fast & yummy – A healthy cookie recipe

Fast & yummy – A healthy cookie recipe 
For my first real post I decided to show you a recipe I stumbled on while watching random Youtube Videos. This is the perfect snack for everyone that is like me and can`t keep his or her hands from sweets.  But now, without further ado, I will start with the recipe.


  • 2 Bananas (not too green)
  • 1 cup dry oats (or cereals, or half oat-half cereals)   
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 1/2 espresso cups of flour 
  • Additional: berries, raisins or honey

  1. peel the bananas and mix them with the other ingredients in your bowl
  2. take your mixture and create little circle-shaped piles (put them on your baking tray)
  3. now take the baking tray and put it in the oven
Baking Time: 
 Oven: 15-20 minutes (180°, air circulation) 


I think this is the perfect food to snack on because it`s really healthy. This will be my new go to-school snack :) I hope you liked it :)

x C.


  1. Good recipe! I like the way you completed it with the photos :)
    But be aware; if this is your new school snack, I do expect that you share it with me now and then!

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    2. Thank you! :) I will share with you as soon as I`ve baked new ones... my family ate all of them :( xx :)